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Friday, 11 April 2014

Why I've not been blogging.

I've been avoiding the blogging - I have, I have :(

Because every time I try to think of something to post, I'm always thinking of crappy, depressing stuff, which is no good. I'm currently ill with a horrendous (and I mean horrendous) virus. We're ALL ill: me, my little girl and my partner.

Writing has not happened in a week, 'cause this cold is like the evil queen bitch of all colds and I've been laid out, barely able to move for a couple of days.

I managed 1000 words last night, which is awesome :) Haven't managed it tonight, even though the story is all there in my head. I run out of energy when I go to write it down, and that's assuming I can with the little one coughing her guts up :(

So ... this is why I've not been blogging. 2014 is still challenging, with so much going on within the family, and I don't want my posts to be all about illness and dying ... and strange viruses that I fancifully wonder aren't induced by some top secret spraying of chemicals into the air that the government could have done around the same time that they announced London had gone above the allowed air pollution levels for the city (which was around the time this cold kicked off - a week ago).

New things you may have missed....

The new paperback cover for The Spell Of Summer

My radio interview up in Manchester and also meeting loads of fab readers and authors - I will conjure up the energy to write about that.

General chit-chat via Facebook (that's where you go to really stay up-to-date)

That's all from me for now. Over the next month, imagine me with my head down trying to finish The Spell of Summer, because time is running out and the universe is throwing up a whole load of obstacles this time around - one after the other :/

Monday, 7 April 2014

From My Archive: Kacey Interview

So, I was going through my computer files this weekend, just tidying the place up a little and I came across an interview that my character Kacey did. He's from my ménage erotic horror/thriller, Creak, which I'm currently teasing readers with for Sunday Sexy Snippets, and you can read yesterdays here.

And basically I decided I just had to use it for today's post, because I forgot how much of a funny idiot that guy is.

Interview originally posted at Sarah's Storylines on February 13th 2013.

1.  Tell us a little about yourself. How did you come to your author’s attention? Occupation?
I just strut in and gave her a smile. Like all females she fell for me. What can I say, I’m good looking.

Not much to tell. My parents and I moved to Wichita when I was eleven. I’m originally from California, another reason Elizabeth loves me so much. Sun-kissed skin. Great body. I like to walk around with my top off a lot. Hey, if you got it flaunt it, right?

I’ve been friends with Tyler and Nicole since I moved onto their street. So that’s like, shit, fifteen years. Man, that’s crazy. I like sports. I like food. I love sex, hey, who doesn’t?

I went straight into work from High School. I'm good with my hands and I don’t mind doing dirty work. What do you think my occupation is? *grins* I’m a mechanic. Hey, what can I say, there is something about getting under the hood of a car and making that baby purr.

2.  What or who is the greatest love of your life? Why? What drew you to them?
My campervan.

My uncle got an orange campervan when I was a kid and I swear it was the coolest vehicle I had ever seen. I get that all these men think women dig sports cars and all these sleek cars and shit, but what could be hotter than a van that you can throw a mattress in the back of and just basically kick back and have a little fun anywhere you please. Beach, fields, the side of the road if you’re feeling adventurous. . .

3.  What’s your greatest fear?
Impotence. It’s not happen to me yet, but the idea that such a thing can happen is just f***king disgusting. It’s wrong, man. So wrong.

4.  What’s your motto in life?
I’m afraid it’s old school, but “Life’s a bitch and then you die, so fuck the world and lets get high.”
Death is inevitable, and too much shit happens in this world. So have sex, party, and enjoy the hell out of yourself.

5.  How do the other characters in your book view you?
I think the following will sum that answer up. I like Nikki’s view the most. She’s so damn feisty.

Jayne: “Speak of the devil, and his sexy ass will most definitely appear.”
Nicole: It really didn’t help that Kacey looked one hell of a tempting package, the type of guy that you wanted to do nasty things to in exchange for finding out what that wicked glint in his eyes was all about.

“My drink’s gone and Kay’s being a dick.”

“You’re a dick, and I hope you genuinely know that . . . ”

“I hate you sometimes. I hate the way you treat women and that you can’t keep your dick in your pants or your damn mouth shut—”

Tyler: “Kacey’s a tool . . . .”

6. What do you prefer? To spread & hear gossip, or be the creator of gossip fodder?
Neither. I don’t waste my time with such petty shit. Then again, I’m usually the subject of most gossip going around.

7.  What is it about you that is going to draw us readers in?
I’m irresistible. You will hate to love me, and want to think that I am a jackass, but even if you do, you will still want me like crazy.

8.  What was your happiest moment?
Finally being able to buy my own campervan. I had saved like crazy for it since I was a kid – something which is damn hard to do when you’re a teenager and have a social life as crazy as mine – and I have to say it was orgasmic to finally get behind the wheel and take my baby for a spin.

9.  What trait in others do you find most deplorable?
Shyness. At first it can be fun when you come across a sweet and somewhat innocent girl; there is always something sexy about tainting a good girl, but honestly, it’s boring. There is so much fun to be had in the world people just need to kick back, embrace it, and f***ing enjoy themselves, you know?

10. The random question: If you were a color, what color would you be and why?
Red. I know it seems like a total chick color, because it represents confidence and passion. But the way I see it, red is used for sin and sinners, and that basically sums up one hell of a dirty night with me.

~ * ~

“What happens in Silver Creek, stays in Silver Creek.”
After spending the summer as a recluse due to a bad break-up, Nicole Saunders agrees to go to The Heat Wave Festival with her best friends, Kacey and Tyler.
Along with three other friends they plan to take a shortcut through the small town of Silver Creek; the last thing any of them expected was to become lost and end up pulling in to a motel for the night.
The Creek Motel is isolated and the last place Nicole wants to be, especially after meeting the glacial owner, but her discomfort is soon forgot as she finally gives in to her feelings and asks Kacey and Tyler to spend the night with her.
A decision she quickly regrets when she discovers that their friend has mysteriously disappeared from her locked room in the middle of the night. Worried, Nicole presumes the worst, but quickly discovers that Jayne’s disappearance is more disturbing than any of them could have guessed.
~ * ~
He stared down at me. Uncertainty flickered across his features. “You’re drunk?”
“My head’s a little fuzzy, but I’m sober enough to know what I’m talking about.”
“Nikki, I don’t want you doing something you’re going to regret just because you’re upset over James.”
“This has nothing to do with him.” I leant up and kissed him. It was gentle, hardly exciting, but at least my stomach didn’t turn.
He didn’t kiss me back.
I pulled away and looked him dead in the eyes. “You’ve waited seven years. If it doesn’t feel right kissing me, then you know keeping quiet was the right thing, and I know that we just had a crazy moment earlier. One kiss and we can stop being curious and just move on.”
A small smile appeared as he arched an eyebrow at me. “You’ve been curious?”
Warmth blossomed in my cheeks. “Maybe.”
Kacey chuckled. “I so fucking knew it.”
I scowled at him. “Look, we’re adults, all right? I don’t want us all falling out over this.”
“What if it does feel right?”
“Well, there’s only one way to find out.”
I took a deep breath as Tyler cupped my face. My eyes fluttered shut as his mouth caught mine without hesitation. His tongue slipped against the seam of my lips and a small pop of heat hit the walls of my stomach. I pressed my hands to his chest, my nails sliding against the material of his T-shirt as I opened up to him.
His tongue slid slowly against my own and the agonizing pace and tease of his gentleness caused my heart to skip. I slid my hands up to his shoulder and neck. I ran my fingers through his black hair as my body melted against him.
He trailed his fingers down my throat and each tip sent a different pulse of electricity straight to my stomach. His hands fell to my hips and as the pressure of his fingers began to increase with the pace of his demanding lips, my slowly sobering mind began to twist with familiar and forbidden fantasies.
And I wanted to give in to them all.
Why the hell had I ever thought that this would be weird?
We shared everything with one another, so why couldn’t we share ourselves? I would never dream of hurting him and I knew Tyler would never hurt me. I trusted him more than I trusted myself and the idea of being locked in his arms while he rocked languidly into me had my entire body thrumming with need.
“Right, I can’t watch this shit.” Kacey grunted as he got up. “It’s one thing getting a hard-on over you, baby girl. The fact that Tyler happens to be in the picture…I’m freaking slightly.”
I pulled away from Tyler, my breath somewhat shallow as I angled my head so I could glance at Kacey. “I don’t want you to go.”
Tyler didn’t shift his focus from me and I watched as realization slowly slipped across his features. “You weren’t just referring to me, were you?”
I shook my head and the smallest dose of guilt began to stab at me. “I think I could kinda love you both in my own way. I have—sometimes I have—God why is this so hard?” I took a deep breath. “There have been times when I’ve wondered what—across the years I’ve sometimes wondered—sometimes I have considered risking our friendship.” I looked over at Kacey. “Do you understand what I am saying to you?”
“You’re usually naked when I imagine you saying you want me, but yeah.”
My jaw tensed. “I hate you sometimes. I hate the way you treat women and that you can’t keep your dick in your pants or your damn mouth shut—”
“But you still want me, right?” He moved closer to me. “When are you going to get it in your head that you’re not just some girl, Nikki? You’re our girl.”
“I want you both.” I said quietly, not caring that my cheeks had grown warmer. “I have for a while.”
“If we try this—” Tyler took a deep breath. “And it doesn’t feel right—”
“We’ll stop.” Kacey promised as he slid his hand beneath my halter neck and began caressing my skin. “You say it baby, and we’ll stop and forget all about it.”
My stomach flipped at the feel of his fingers circling my navel. “And if I don’t want to stop?”
An unreadable look crossed Tyler’s face and my heart skipped as Kacey moved behind me. The warmth of his body seeped into my back, while his fingers painted trails of heat across my abdomen and along my ribs.
“Then what happens in Silver Creek, stays in Silver Creek. Unless you decide otherwise.” Kacey pressed his lips to my ear. A shiver ran down my neck and spine. “Does that sound fair?”
I closed my eyes and tilted my head to the side as his lips brushed against my jawbone and down the side of my throat. A groan escaped me as his hand closed over my bare breast and he squeezed eagerly. Tyler’s hands fell from my hips and I felt Kacey’s right hand splaying on my stomach as he pulled me closer and ground his growing erection in to my lower back.
“Yes or no, Nikki?” he asked raggedly. “Tyler ain’t the only one whose been fantasizing about this baby, and I hate to remind you, but I’m not exactly patient.”
I opened my eyes and looked at Tyler, watching as he pulled his T-shirt off and revealed the lean muscles of his abdomen and arms. I reached up and cupped his jaw, idly running my thumb along his bottom lip while I lifted my left arm and wound it around the back of Kacey’s head. I slid my fingers in to his mass of curls and pulled playfully. “Yes.”

Monday, 31 March 2014

Blood Series Re-release Date!

Hey folks! I'm afraid my brain was pulling a blank last Monday, which was one reason why I didn't whip up a post for y'all. The other reason is that I had my edits back for my sweet contemporary romance Stepping Stones. So every spare minute I had I was working my way through the manuscript.

Not a lot has happened since my last post a fortnight ago, well, I finally met Dianna Hardy ;-P I soooo totally did and it was so great to meet her finally. I'm not going to go in to details since it was here meet and greet event, but I had a great afternoon and Dianna is just lovely and awesome.

So apart from that  fab afternoon, I've had the first round of edits for Stepping Stones, which I emailed back to my editor last Friday. I also received the cover art for SS, which I love. It has been designed by the same cover artist who did the original cover - the one with my old publisher, Noble Romance - but I have to say, although I loved the original, the feel of this one is more spot on. The cover reveal will be on 18th April with Bex 'n' Books and I can't wait for you to see it. It's soooo pretty.

I've also had the final edits for She-Wolf, which I have already started reading through. Eek. Final edits, which means She-Wolf is almost ready for publication, but when I received the rights back for SW and it's sequel, Cranberry Blood I made the decision to publish them together, which I will be doing.

So, Cranberry will be sent to my editor next month. My hope was to have both books - and swag etc - ready for August 2014 and by the look of it August will indeed be the month the books are published. Now, call me silly but I only felt it was right that the date be that of the Full Moon. My poor Werewolves have been neglected for too long and I want to make their re-release a damn good one. Plus, I'm hoping by this point I will have finished/submitted my fairytale WIP and will be working on the next book in the series.

So, She-Wolf (the Blood Series Prequel) and Cranberry Blood (Book 1 in the Blood Series) will be re-released on August 25th 2014. Yay! I'm soooooo freaking excited!!! So make note of the date Werewolf lovers! It's going to be fang-tastic! Yes, I just went there. ;-P

~ * ~

The Blood Series Prequel


Dealing with the Rogue Werewolves terrorizing his Pack? Simple.
Trying to convince his mate he does want to be with her? Bloody impossible.

Owen MacLaren is the Alpha's son and the Pack's second, and he has never been one to let anything get to him. So when a bunch of Rogues begin purposely dumping mutilated bodies around the Pack Keep, he is more than ready to deal with the Werewolves responsible.

But one night off and a trip to a local strip joint for a colleague's stag night changes things, and Owen soon discovers he isn't immune to everything . . . .
Being an independent Loup and travelling the world? Easy.
Having to come home and face the Werewolf who broke her young heart? Challenging.

After five years away, Clare Walker finds herself back home in Scotland, working in a strip club. The tips are decent, and she gets to dance, but it isn't a place she thought she would ever be, let alone Owen, her Pack second and the mate she has always desired.

Although Owen is determined to prove he wants to be with Clare, things can't go smoothly between them, not when they have past issues to sort out and a bunch of unusual 'Rogues' to deal with.

~ ~ ~
Cranberry Blood
Book 1 in the Blood Series


Killing Vampires? Easy.
Tracking someone? Simple.
Helping, and protecting a Vampire slayer . . . . Bloody hard work!

Thirteen years ago, Brendan Daniels made a deal with a psychic. In exchange for information on the whereabouts of a Rogue Werewolf, he promised to help and protect Sofia's granddaughter. Unfortunately, he had no idea what he was letting himself, or his Pack, in for.

Nothing about Heather is simple, from her weird dietary needs to her life’s mission. The girl can handle herself, but the promise to protect her soon becomes a need, and one he can't fully understand.

Vampire Slayer.
Born Infected.
Addicted to blood . . . but not by choice.

Heather Ryan is the current Slayer in a long family line. Like all before her, she has spent her life searching for her ancestor, Marko Pavel, the Vampire her family has sworn to kill. If that isn't complicated enough, she is also a born "Infected", and to keep her from becoming insane or giving in to her darker side, she is on a very strict diet.

Now that her Grandmother Sofia has passed, it is up to Heather to take the family legacy into her own hands. Or at least, it would have been...if her Grandmother hadn't sent a Werewolf to help her.

What is the irritating Brendan supposed to help her with? Sofia never told either of them. Luckily, it doesn't take long for Heather and Brendan to find out that the Vampires have big plans, and that the Leeches have waited a long time for them both.

Friday, 21 March 2014

A brief update on death, a busy life, and my current WIP.

What a month it's been for me. My mother passed away on the 19th February (in case you didn't know) after suffering from breast cancer for four years. She was only 57. It's been hard to write this month, because in all honesty I'm pretty exhausted - sort of exhausted in my mind, and there's so much to catch up on and do at home, too, with my own family, and my daughter, as well as a host of other things that need to be done after someone dies.

So, writing The Spell of Summer is both a reprieve and a challenge. It's a good thing I like challenges. I'm hitting around 1000 words a day at the moment - I'd like it to be 2000, but I find myself tiring out too easily (it doesn't help that I have a cold right now), so 1000 it will have to be until I can get back up to speed. That's fine. 1000 words a day still finishes the book on time.

I'm leaving you with three things today, one is the new book trailer for The Spell of Summer. Then, a brand new excerpt from the book, shared on Facebook yesterday, and the last is a link to an online radio station where I'll be doing an interview this Sunday, after meeting up with a few readers and authors in Manchester on Saturday. I am sooo looking forward to it, but yes - life is busy right now! Lol.

EXCERPT from The Spell of Summer, copyright © Dianna Hardy, 2014. All rights reserved. (Text subject to change before publication.)

“Uncle Jamie! Look what I've got!” squealed his approaching little niece – the whole crew behind her – delight shining from her eyes at the colossal, spiral-shaped ice lolly that was almost half her size.

“Wow! That's … er … huge. You gonna finish all that?”

Becca nodded enthusiastically, not a trace of doubt evident, that he couldn't help but laugh.

The boys were already to the bottom of their ice cream cones.

A dripping one was held in front of his face. “For you,” said Pippa.

He eyed her suspiciously. “Is that supposed to be ice cream? It looks like it's been eaten.”

“Me,” butted in Becca, voice muffled by her lolly. She slurped her way free of it. “It was my ice cream, but a big, fat wasp attacked it.”

“Aaaah… The screaming?”

His sister nodded while Candy let out a low whistle signifying that the memory of the tantrum was just a little too much to bear.

“It was a really big wasp, Uncle Jamie. I think it was trying to sting the ice cream.”

“So, I get a half-eaten, wasp-stung ice cream for lunch?”

Merri laughed.

A real laugh that sort of tinkled out of her – not that insane crap she'd pulled earlier in the ocean – and it was the first time he'd heard her laugh today. No … for over a decade. It sort of threw him.

It also made him want to make her laugh more, and he was so completely fucked. So much for getting his life back together…

Released June, 2014. All info about this upcoming summer read here: http://www.diannahardy.com/the-spell-of-summer.html

(Click to enlarge image)

Check out my live radio interview on Sunday at 12pm until 1pm, on The Book Worm, at Fab Radio International: http://www.fabradiointernational.com/  See you there!  

Dianna xx

Monday, 17 March 2014

Little Update

I'm afraid today's post is just an update in regards to WIP's and release, folks.

She-Wolf has gone through one round of edits - I have been told I could receive the second set this week - so I'm pretty certain will be done and dusted by the end of March. Cranberry Blood will be sent to my editor as soon as she is finished. I'm aiming to have the first two books in The Blood Series re-released in August. I'm feeling good about August, not that I am pinpointing and exact date, not until at least one round of edits has been done on Cranberry. So stay tuned.

I just got my first lot of edits for Stepping Stones, my sweet contemporary romance. It was contracted with Bono books (Decadent Publishing) at the beginning of the year. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in and getting this book sorted for re-release - book was previously published with Noble Romance Publishing. A release date has yet to be assigned.

My WIP for Decadent Publishing Beyond Fairytale Series has a beginning! No title, but a beginning lol Yay! I sat down and hammered it out yesterday. I will be reading over it again as I have the very bad habit of doing that before continuing with any book, but I'm feeling good about it at the moment. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Once the WIP is done and submitted my focus will then turn to Blood Book 2 as was the original plan.

So, two sets of edits to get through this following fortnight, and then I will be diving back in to my WIP. How are you spending the remainder of your March?

And Happy St Patrick's Day!!

Monday, 3 March 2014

WIP Progress

Firstly, as part of Read an eBook week, from March 2nd - 8th, my fairytale retelling, Razel Dazzle is FREE on Smashwords. All you have to do is enter the coupon code RW100 at the checkout.

So, if you're a fan of Rapunzel and like sexy, modern, fairytale retellings, hop on over to Smashwords and get your FREE copy today! - http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/371656

Secondly, I am super sorry for not posting last Monday. I kinda forgot and didn't remember until Wednesday, but was completely blank in the topic department, not that I can say I'm thriving with interesting information today, but at least I'm posting this week.

So a fortnight ago I was rambling on about how I'm not a planner - which is still very true - and how I was going to dive into this project and go with the flow . . . yeah, it didn't go as well as I though it would. Turns out that as well as being lazy, my muse is also being a complete pain in the ass lately. I really don't know what I have done to tick her off so much, but hey, she's stuck with me so she will have to get over herself.

So, no planning and no going with the flow, which is very frustrating and lead to me doing the only other thing I could do in this situation; leave what I had and just let it all stew in its own juice. I really didn't think it would stew and also believed it would probably take me weeks to come up with something, but surprisingly one part of the story revealed itself while I was dusting, and then I very small idea fluttered in my head two days later followed by a light bulb moment and . . . BAM! I have a story.

I realize how bad it sounds for me to kinda say that, but two weeks ago I was throwing ideas all over the place and not liking what I came up with, but the story plot I now have, oh I'm happy, I really am. The characters have already introduced themselves to me, and slowly things are starting to piece together. I started writing yesterday, but don't feel a 100% happy with the way I have started the story, despite the fact I know how it opens, but that's okay, all I have to do is play until I am happy. The point is after much fretting - which I was doing for many reasons, all of which I have pointed out in past posts and wont go into again out of fear of sounding like a parrot - I have started, and it feels so good to start a new story after such a rough and slow year of writing.

I have my playlist which consists mostly of songs from Florence and the Machine; they just fit the mood of the story and characters, love that! I have rough notes. I love my characters even the baddie. I'm excited. It's nice to be excited every once in a while, don't you think?

Hope you've all had a fab Monday, and that the next two weeks are lovely for you all. I won't be posting next Monday, because I will be away visiting family. So, have fun and hopefully in two weeks I have something more interesting to share with you. ;-P

Monday, 17 February 2014

I am not a planner

I am not a planner. Now, when I say a planner I mean to the extent that I have every single detail mapped out on a project. I know a lot of authors who do plan, and sure, plans change as you dive into a world and start writing a story, but a lot of writers have guidelines . . . I am a very bad improviser.

Usually, I will get an idea in the form of a scene. One of the characters will come to me; they are vivid, and bold, and they give me a segment to wet my appetite. I know the general details on them, but that’s it. I pretty much dive right on in and figure it out as I go.

So far this silly approach of mine has worked, but with my latest WIP I find I am somewhat torn. I’m going in to the realms of fantasy, and I am creating a whole new world. I’m sure a lot of writers may have already taken this adventure in one particular genre or another, but this is new to me; fantasy, and creating an entire universe from scratch is very new to me.

I’m excited – of course I am – because this world is one that I have had hidden in my slush pile folder for the last seven years, but I will admit I am a little overwhelmed; there feels like there is too much to know and create in such a short amount of time.

My plan was to solely concentrate on my Blood Series this year. I have finished reading through She-Wolf – which is with my editor – and Cranberry Blood, and I was originally going to dive right in to planning the next book, but then I saw the most fabulous submission call, and I just couldn’t ignore it.

Decadent Publishing have a new series called “Beyond Fairytales,” where the author is assigned a Grimm tale and has to re-vamp it in their chosen genre.

Now, I could have ignored it, but I was too intrigued. I also could have made things very easy for myself and picked a genre I had already played in before, but when I got my assigned tale I just knew I had to go fantasy with it. I usually don’t apply for things that have a time limit, for many reasons which I won’t go in to, and because if I don’t make it I will kick myself. But still, I found myself signing up any way. So, needless to say this project is a huge challenge for me.

Jumping back to feeling excited . . . I am. I have snips. I have already met four of the characters they are an interesting bunch. I have a very rough sketch of how the world is and the inhabitants you will find there. I know magic is going to play a huge part, and I have been lucky enough to get a tale where I could really do anything with it . . .

Now I’m stuck. Not in a way where I am clueless, because despite the fact that I don’t plan I have had to do the above. I have had to figure some details out; write some guidelines. After I drew my map of the world – yes, I actually drew a map. It’s rough, but it’s a start – I found myself sitting there and thinking, “well, I can’t do any more than this until I get inside this world and see where I am lead.”

So, it is now time for me to get my panster-ness on and see what these characters want to show me. I have no idea what’s going to happen. I will openly admit that since Fantasy is new to me that I have no idea if I can pull it off successfully, but I am going to damn well try, and naturally, I will keep you updated with my progress. J

For those of you who have read the Blood Series and are waiting for the next book, I will definitely be working on that next, and I plan to have She-Wolf and Cranberry Blood re-released by this summer, 2014.

Wish me luck!